Salesianum: Hostel for students

Salesianum: Hostel for students from all over the world

The Salesianum is a hostel for students from all over the world. The house is managed by the Salesians, a catholic religious congregation focused on youth ministry. Advantages of the Salesianum are the good environment to live and study and the proximity to the city centre and to the "Wiener Prater", Vienna’s popular recreation centre. We offer single and double rooms for students. Each room contains shower, toilet and an amply personal desk. Technical features are up to date: there are wireless internet and satellite-tv connectors in each room. Take the photo tour to get an impression of the students' hostel.

Each floor provides a spacious kitchen for students. There are 2 microwaves, boiler plates and refrigerators for free use. The cleaning personnel make it possible to live in a proper and clean environment. Kitchens are cleaned each day, student's rooms are cleaned once a week. Smoking inside the hostel is prohibited.

The hostel has a reading room with several newspapers and magazines, a fitness room and a bar for all students living in Salesianum. All residents are invited to take part voluntarily in the social activities for youngsters (youth centre, etc.). The chapel is the heart of our house. Several times a year there are worship services and meditations for students, highlight of the year is the "Don Bosco Festival". Like all other common room areas the chapel is opened at anytime.

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